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Your sustainability partner for a better world

Climate change is real and so is the fact that we as stewards of this great piece of rock need to start making better choices collectively in our day to day life. Reeden is committed to making your stewardship decisions easy and sustainable. Our products are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, economically viable and we dare say the best in the market when it comes to quality and usability.

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Our paper straws are made from ethically sourced raw materials and are among the best alternatives for single use plastic straws. They last twice as long as most paper straws due to the paper quality and can even sustain themselves in hot beverages. Our " Hello Straw® " brand of paper straws have an exclusive glue formulae that prevents aerated drinks from losing their aeration which is a first in the world. Our straws are currently made at source and follow stringent safety methodologies. Our commitment to quality and quality is backed by the number of certifications/tests we have performed on them. We are the only straws that are certified moah/mosh and 3-mcpd (carcinogens) free.

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Our areca palm plates and products are nature's best answer to single use plastic and paper food containers. They are sustainably sourced from fallen dry leaves of the areca palm plants and made at source in india. These products do not use any chemical or other additives but are made using heat and pressure to mold into desired forms.They are microwave safe for short durations and can be composted at home or at a commercial composter in under 60 days.

They are the most sustainable and ethical single use products due to the all natural lifecycle of the products.

Our areca palm products are FDA/EU certified and uv cleaned.